Use PowerShell to create your Fantasy Football Draft order

With the NFL season upon us, Fantasy Football owners are starting to research and plan out which players they will draft. One of the hot topics is always the order of the draft, which if left to the commissioners, can be create a feeling of disapproval. There is no better tool to use to create a random and totally objective draft order than a computer. This will ensure that no player can complain that there was collusion in order to keep them at the back of the draft.

function New-FantasyDraftOrder {
    $Position = 1
    $Players = $Players | Sort-Object {Get-Random}
    foreach ($Player in $Players)
        Write-Output "$Position - $Player"
        $Position ++
With this said, I emailed the commissioner of my league to let him know I will be doing the order in PowerShell, this way when I wind up inevitably missing the playoffs, I can only blame myself and PowerShell. I created a function this morning that will generate the order using the players in an array and Sort-Object {Get-Random} called New-FantasyDraftOrder.
To use the function, we just add the players in the -Players parameter and the order is created.
As you can see, I got the 7th pick in my draft. Even I, the creator of this draft cannot “fix” the outcome.

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