My self interview

I’ve always wanted to be interviewed, and since I am not even close to being famous there is only one person who is willing to conduct one. Me.

So let the narcissism role!

Q. So how did you get into IT?

A. That’s a great question. So back in late 2006, I was working as a payroll specialist for a large payroll company here in New Jersey that will rename nameless. I hated it. My job consisted of calling clients throughout the day and doing data entry of their payroll. It was soul crushing and awful. Corporate atmosphere filled with douche-bags. No creativity or challenge whatsoever. I had a good friend who happened to be a network admin and told me about a payroll job that opened up at his organization. So, I applied, thinking that at least it would be a better job because it seemed like a better place to work. I was so pressed to quit my current job, that I put in my two weeks before I even got the job. In fact, I did not get that job. The hiring manager liked me so much that she wanted to give me a different job, just to have me work there. So, I accepted a position in their IT department with my friend, formally as a “computer technician”. I was happy because I knew the field of IT was a good one to be in, and since I hated payroll, it was worth the risk. It was a small department so I was able to learn a lot of different technologies. Networking, Windows systems, VMware etc. The best thing that ever happened to me was not getting that job.

Q. Oh, wow. So you were just some bum loser who happened to fall backwards into this career?

A. Yes, pretty much. I am the the Jim Tomsula of IT.

Note: Full disclosure I did go back to college to get a B.S in IT and M.S in InfoSys. So there I am not a total “Tomsula” after all. 

Q. Who do you admire in your field?

A. Hmm. There are lots of people. Being a PowerShell evangelist, I have to start with Jeffrey Snover. He is the God of PowerShell and there are thousands of us owe him our careers. He also happens to be a great speaker, and seems to be a very down to earth guy. A guy like Adam Bertram has been a great inspiration because he writes such great and comprehensive articles. I try my best to do the same. Obviously, Don Jones and Jason Helmick are up on my list because they are leaders in the community. Rob Reynolds, who I know personally, I have great respect for and is super smart. Jeff Hicks is awesome, he was one of the first authors I started following. There are certainly others, but those come to find first.

Q. What technologies do you enjoy working with most?

A. Well obviously PowerShell. It is so embedded in Windows now that it is almost just part of it, but I guess I still consider it its own technology. Virtualization is still fun to play with. I am starting to get my hands more on Azure which is awesome. I find Vagrant to be one of the coolest tools I have used in a while. Chocolatey has had my attention for the last few years though, because when it comes to managing packages in Windows, it has really changed the game.

Q. What do you do when you are not working?

I have been married for three years and I have a one-year-old daughter. Being a Dad is awesome, but it is time-consuming so besides that I do not have much leisure time. When I do, I like to golf, hike or just grab a few drinks.

Q. Jesus, you are boring as hell. 

A. Shut up and get out of my office. This interview is over.

Q. I can’t leave, I am you.

A. Good point. I guess this is the part where I lose interest in what I am writing.

One Response to “My self interview

  • Hard hitting questions. The interviewer holds no punches. I admire the answers the interviewee (yup, looks weird but that’s how Apple says I need to spell it) provides under duress. It’s captivating. Scrappy, raw, “it is what it is” honesty. Good read.