Managing VMware ESXi services with PowerCLI

ESXi hosts are Linux-based servers. Thus, it certainly helps if sysadmins understand Linux in order to manage and troubleshoot the servers. But fortunately for VMware admins who are experts only in Windows, PowerCLI can be an option when it comes to many ESXi tasks. To manage ESXi services, admins can leverage five cmdlets that can start, stop, get, set, and restart services. In this article, I will show how to use these PowerCLI cmdlets for managing ESXi services.

Getting the status of ESXi services

To show the status of services on an ESXi host, we can use the Get-VMHostService cmdlet. This cmdlet has only three unique parameters: -VMHost, -Server, and -Refresh. The -Refresh parameter refreshes data on the service before printing it to the console.

In the example below, I am just showing the current service status on the ESXi host VMHost-1:


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