A recruiters guide to dealing with introvert IT candidates

Having been in the IT field for 10 years and worked at three organizations, I have dealt with many different recruiters along the way. My resume is posted in just about every job search site known to man, so naturally I get at least 1-2 calls per day from recruiters about jobs. I have seen many approaches to contacting me. Emails, phone calls, LinkedIn, and even text messages. What I believe many recruiters fail to understand is the behavior and needs of an introvert candidate. While I understand it is impossible to figure out if a candidate is extroverted or introverted without even knowing them, this will give you an insight into an introvert candidates mind. Keep in mind this post is geared towards the IT industry so some of these thoughts may not apply.

Rule #1 – Don’t even bother cold calling

I don’t even answer the phone when my Dad calls much less a number I don’t recognize. A phone call to an introvert is the equivalent of being sound asleep and someone barging into the room and banging on a gong. It is annoying and down right pisses me off. Don’t do it. Send an email. All introverts read emails and if we are interested in the job, we will respond.

Rule #2 – Don’t send text messages

WTF? A text message, really? Just don’t do it. I would never respond and I consider it presumptuous and weird. If we talk first and are in discussions about a position AND we agree texting is cool, then go ahead. I may be in the minority here, but I just think this is unprofessional and invasive.

Rule #3 – Don’t contact me and ask me to call you without offering an open position

Dude. My entire LinkedIn connections are recruiters. If you want to know my status, email me and ask. Unless we are in dire need of a job, introverts will never call you back if you don’t provide details on a job you are recruiting for. In fact, I would imagine most candidates won’t

Rule #4 – Ugh, don’t be a used car salesman

Introverts are smart people. On average, probably smarter than extroverts. We have a nose for bullshit. I recently had two different recruiters leave me a voicemail stating something like “they recently had a conversation about me with a colleague and we decided you were someone I needed to talk to”. Vom! Come on, that is just awful salesmanship. I get it you are trying to make me feel important, but that is just a horrible line of crap. Come up with someone better. If you come off as a salesman we will undoubtedly not trust you.

Rule #5 – Just understand that we don’t really want to deal with you

There I said it. We know its your job and you need to do it, but introverts would much rather skip the middle man and just deal with the hiring manager. We see you as nuisance that has to be dealt with and has no authority. Not to mention, most IT recruiters are absolutely clueless when it comes to the skills they are recruiting for, so it is just a waste of time in our minds. Sorry if that sounds brutal, but it is the truth.


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