Beginners guide to the PowerShell community leaders

So you are new to PowerShell. You are enjoying the experience of getting to know the language but you still have a sh*t ton of questions. You are constantly googling stuff like “Get-ADUser” and “PowerShell pipeline”. Don’t worry, you will get there. Perhaps one of the best things you can do is dive into the community and understand where to get resources and find answers. The PowerShell community is very vibrant and growing. Most of the experts are always willing to help which makes it a lot of fun and interactive. I personally have tweeted and emailed many of these people and have gotten a response back. Here is my take on who the community leaders are and some tidbits on them.

The Big Players

Disclaimer: Keep in mind this list is subjective. There are other notable people that may belong here, but in my eyes this is what I have observed and experienced. With that said here are at least some of the big players. I consider these people those who have a very deep knowledge of the language.

Jeffrey Snover – Well he invented PowerShell, works on Azure Stack now. Super cool and funny and ridiculously intelligent.

Don Jones – Probably the biggest player outside of Snover. Don has written countless books on PowerShell and runs and is a Director at Pluralsight. He goes way back with Windows scripting. He also is the main guy in charge of the PowerShell Summit.

Jason Helmick – Jason is also involved with and works at Pluralsight. He is close friends with Don, I believe. I actually took an in-person class on DSC with Jason last year. Really cool guy and knows a ton about PowerShell.

Jeff Hicks – Jeff Hicks co-wrote “Learning PowerShell in a Month of Lunches” with Don Jones. So yeah he knows a lot.

PowerShell team – Well these guys created and maintain PowerShell. So yeah they are a good resource to look at.

Security peeps

Infosec people are really, really smart. Have you ever read code that a great Infosec person wrote? It is like¬†hieroglyphics. Normal people can’t read or write that stuff. I have a lot of respect for security experts.

Lee Holmes – Lee Holmes is smart as hell. Like crazy smart. Like intimidating smart. He is the lead security architect on Azure and speaks at a lot of conferences.

Carlos Perez – One of the best PowerShell blogs to look at if you want to learn PowerShell, in my opinion. Carlos is another guy who is super, super smart.

Matt Graeber – I see of lot of great tweets and articles by Matt on Twitter. Really interesting to follow and you will learn a lot quickly.

Bloggers/Community Developers

In my mind, the bloggers are an intricate part of the community. They are constantly publishing new and interesting content and share their innovations. There are far more that deserve to be on this list, but I will name a few.

Adam Bertram – Adam has written A LOT of PowerShell articles over the years. Very down to earth guy, super helpful. Has written some really cool modules as well.

Tobias Weltner – Tobias is huge in the UK and wrote ISESteroids, which is probably still the most used ISE for PowerShell. Tobias also runs the PowerShell Summit in Europe.

Mike Robbins – They call him Mr. PowerShell. Enough said.

Kevin Marquette – One of the best blogs for PowerShell IMO. Speaks at a lot of PowerShell groups.

Boe Prox – This dude writes some kick ass modules. Check out PoshWSUS and PoshRSJob. One of the best developers out there.

Adam Driscoll – Developer of Protools which is an extension for Visual Studio. Awesome tool for PowerShell developing.

Anthony Nocentino – Anthony is one of the few known Linux experts who embraced PowerShell completely (The community needs more like him). Expert on SQL on Linux as well.

Doug Finke – I see Doug interacts a lot on the PowerShell Facebook group and he runs the NYC PowerShell meetup. He developed an awesome Excel module.

Hidden Gems

These leads may not be as known as others, but they probably will be soon.

Johan Akerstron – Johan is an admin on the Facebook group and is extremely knowledgeable. Always helping others in the group. Wrote an awesome module called Invoke-AsSystem. Check it out.

Prateek Singh – Prateek is pretty active in the community and has developed some REALLY interesting stuff. Highly recommend you check out his blog.

Mathias Jessen – Another super smart security guy who writes great articles on his blog.

So before people start freaking out about who was left off, this is just my own experience in how I view the community. An opinion is subjective, so I am sure there are people who others think is prominent in the community. No hard feelings please!


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