My PowerShell Summit Experience – Part 5: The End

My final day at Summit was filled with more great presentations by some brilliant community leaders.

First was the talk by Jeff Hicks on CSV, JSON and XML. Jeff pointed out and demo’d many interesting ways to deal with these data formats and the advantages/disadvantages to each. Next, I caught Adam Driscoll’s presentation on building cross-platform PowerShell modules, which was one of the more mind-blowing talks I saw this week. Adam is a great leader in the community and is doing some pretty unbelievable work (Universal Dashboard anyone?). Although I haven’t created any binary modules, it made me want to learn how to.

The final talk I saw was Michael Lombardi speaking on documentation as user experience. Iv’e become friends with Michael over the last year as I really enjoy writing on using Puppet and Windows together, so being he works at Puppet I have leaned on him for advice. His presentation was filled with a lot of great information on an area that all of IT sucks at – documentation. He was even kind enough to point out my blog, which was very humbling to hear.

So thats it, Summit is over, but the community drives on like an unstoppable rebel force. I am just so blown away by the people and sessions this week. It makes me want to go home and start building stuff. This is unlike any other conference I have been to because the community leaders that you admire are all SO accessible, and when you do meet them they are so engaging. I hope to be back next year and for years to come.

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