My Social Media Hiatus – Part 2 – One Week In and I am actually fine

So I actually removed my social media apps from my phone and blocked them on all devices on December 30th, meaning it has been over a week without social media. I have to say, so far it is not that bad and I am really surprised to admit that. I thought a week in and I would sort be dying inside, but all in all I am okay. With that said, I am really busy. When I am home I am taking care of a two-year-old and a two-month-old. When I am working I have a lot of projects going on and articles to write. Sure, I can scroll through Twitter with one hand while I feed my baby with the other, but not doing it is so far fine.

Do I miss social media? A little. I mean, those notifications ain’t going to check themselves…

I have found I am more focused on tasks I need to do. I don’t have that constant itch to check my phone. Although, I do still have email due to work so I still check it from time to time. That I can’t really do much about being I work in IT. At home though, I can put my phone away and not really want to check it for a while. It’s not all night, but I can go a bit for sure.

One Response to “My Social Media Hiatus – Part 2 – One Week In and I am actually fine

  • Keep it up! Not having social media apps on your phone is an amazing feat! I literally closed my Facebook account back in August. Haven’t regretted it since. Good luck bud!