Dan the Builder

I look mean but I am actually even meaner in real life. JK.

Okay, so I am not a traditional “builder” and this is a reference to Game of Thrones (Bran the Builder), but it fits. I like to build both computer systems and PowerShell tools.

For a good idea of who I am check out my shameless self-interview

After several years as a Sysadmin, I took the plunge into command line interfaces, most notably PowerShell. Like many others, I used to prefer a GUI for managing Windows, but after learning PowerShell that is no longer the case.

My area of expertise is in Windows Server, VMware, PowerShell, package management and generally automating anything. My passion is to create solutions to difficult problems in the form of code. I am also impartial to Windows as I see Linux as a wonderful OS.

My goal here is to give back to the IT community what it gave to me over the years; knowledge.

In addition to being an “IT Ops” guy, I am a husband and Father. Oh and I am also a Freelance Writer for 4Sysops, Tom’s IT Pro, Ipswitch and any other site that wants to pay me for the written word.